Thinking Outside the Dome -
Strategic eForum on Nuclear Innovation

Wednesday, 23 June 2021


A wave of innovation is sweeping the global nuclear sector. Advanced and small modular reactor designs that will be demonstrated in the next few years could mark the beginning of a profound change in the nuclear technology landscape. At the same time, the sector is continuously implementing improvements in plant operations, project management and the wider fuel cycle. Innovation applies not only to technology, but encompasses new approaches in regulation, financing and communication - all areas that currently prevent nuclear energy from reaching its full potential. Embracing the spirit of nuclear innovation means thinking outside the reactor dome. It requires moving beyond sole consideration of reactor technology and drawing on the lessons from other industries while also exploring transformative changes to adapt nuclear energy technologies for novel applications like heat, hydrogen and radioisotope production.

On 23 June 2021, World Nuclear Association hosted the Strategic eForum on Nuclear Innovation to provide a holistic discussion on these issues. Panellists discussed:

  • What the nuclear sector can learn from the renewables industry as it begins to deploy a range of new and innovative reactor designs

  • What the nuclear sector can learn from other sectors that have experienced transformative change and accelerated new technology development in response to a crisis

  • The challenges in moving beyond electricity production for nuclear technologies to providing heat, hydrogen etc

  • Real-world examples of innovative technologies impacting the construction and operation of nuclear plants today

  • Recent non-technology innovations that are facilitating the deployment of nuclear projects around the world





One-to-one interviews with leading experts

Why do we need innovation in the nuclear industry?

Interview with Bernard Salha,

Chief Technical Officer and R&D Director, EDF, France; and

President, SNETP

What topics of nuclear innovation will be prevalent in 10 years?

Interview with Gilles Rodriguez,

Technical Director, Generation IV International Forum (GIF).

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